Homeland Security

To ensure your agency or corporation is properly prepared for a terrorist attack, natural disaster, information security breach, or other crisis, you must first understand your risk and vulnerabilities. ARMADA can help you understand your risk and security voids through the use of proven methodologies such as:

       CORAS - Model-based Risk Assessment
       JSIVA: Joint Service Integrated Vulnerability Assessment
       HLS - CAM: Homeland Security - Comprehensive Assessment Model

ARMADA will review your security technologies, policies and procedures, training and awareness, and exercise procedures and offer an in-depth evaluation of your organization's risk. We rank our findings by priority and provide you with comprehensive and cost-effective recommendations for improving your entity's overall safety and security. Our assessments can be modified and customized to meet the needs of any client, to include:

       Commercial and Industrial Facilities
       Government Agencies
       Mass Transit Systems
       Retail Centers and Shopping Malls
       Schools, Universities, and other Educational Institutions
       Business Office Complexes
       Critical Infrastructure (energy, water, gas)
       Hospitals, Medical Centers & Health Care Providers
       Military Installations