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ARMADA's training courses are unlike most industry training classes. Traditional training deals primarily with the immediate threat, whereas our reality-based methods are wide ranging, including prevention, mitigation, preparedness, protection, response and recovery.

ARMADA’s training classes are presented in both lecture and hands on format. The method of teaching is, Explain, Demonstrate, Practice, then Apply the concept. Training in this fashion helps ensure the students are not just fed information (which they can easily forget), but allows the student to begin building muscle memory and reflective responses. In addition, the training techniques are reinforced by having the students participate in real life training scenarios or exercises.

ARMADA can customize training courses to meet your specific industry's needs and/or to meet a specific course length.


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Defensive Tactics

Samuel Faulkner, Instructor  

Mr. Samuel Faulkner has been a Certified Police Officer since 1983, having served as a Law Enforcement / Corrections Training Specialist for the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA), a section of the of Ohio Attorney General’s Office from 1987 – 2009. Mr. Faulkner is currently the Chief of Police for the Village of Mechanicsburg, Ohio. Additionally, Mr. Faulkner has served as an expert witness in over 300 national Law Enforcement and Corrections cases involving Response To Resistance, False Arrest, Tactics, Arrest Practices and Procedures.

Randy Thatcher, Instructor  

Mr. Randy Thatcher has over 30 years law enforcement and security related experience. Over the past two years, he has been an Instructor with ARMADA for the United States Marine Corps Violence Prevention (VP) Program. Mr. Thatcher is an experienced training manager and program/course developer with more than 19 years of preparing and delivering informational and instructional programs for adults using instructional design model. He is experienced in performing training needs analysis, identifying training objectives, determining content, defining scope and lesson sequence, plan methodology, and course/program evaluations to ensure learner success and to control individual learning problems

Emergency Management

Lee Foster, Instructor  

Mr. Lee Foster has over 6 years of experience in program policy, development and implementation. His background includes a combination of emergency management, judicial system and investigative experience as well as completion of Masters level coursework in Criminal Justice, specializing in Homeland Security Administration.


James Jarvis, Instructor  

James Jarvis is an Executive Protection Specialist, Risk Mitigation and Counterintelligence Expert, and Force Protection/Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Joshua Rock, Instructor  

Mr. Joshua Rock has over 14 years of experience in various security related fields. He is a skillful security specialist and leader with extensive capabilities gained through time served in the U.S. Army and as a government contractor working in theaters of operation comprising of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan.

Jeff Podracky, Instructor  

Jeff Podracky is the Chief Operating Officer and co‐founder of ARMADA, Ltd. In this role, he oversees all business operations and customer service functions. Mr. Podracky is considered a subject matter expert in security operations, business continuity planning, workplace violence program development, executive protection and security technology integration. He regularly provides consulting services to area business, Universities, school districts, and public agencies

Tim Creedon, Instructor  

Mr. Creedon’s 24-year career as an FBI Special Agent allowed him to serve in three different states where he gained a wide range of investigative and critical incident response experiences. In his varied assignments, Mr. Creedon worked with local, state and other federal agencies widening the scope of his investigative and special assignments. He worked foreign counterintelligence and organized crime in New York City. While assigned to Dallas, Texas he investigated general criminal matters that included fugitives, murder, drug organizations, organized crime, bank robberies and kidnappings.

Saturday, September, 12, 2015  -  Saturday, September, 12, 2015

This class will focus on tactics that one person would use to negotiate through architectural obstacles found in a building. We will cover searching/clearing operations as well as direct action against active shooters or home invaders. If time permits we will briefly cover two person tactics. We will be using our Live Fire shoot house for this training.

ARMADA Training Courses

Saturday, July, 18, 2015  -  Saturday, July, 18, 2015

We spend a good deal of time in the vehicles we drive every day, yet very little (if any) time training how to fight in and around those vehicles. Vehicular crime is common and violent. Learn how to recognize, avoid, and if necessary defeat the attackers in a vehicle gunfight.

Saturday, July, 18, 2015  -  Sunday, July, 19, 2015

This revolutionary class is directed toward the "Average Joe" who may have never even taken a first aid class and certainly doesn't consider himself to be a medically trained special operator. Instead, he is someone who realizes that, just as with his shooting skills, he needs to have skill to help save someone's life, perhaps his own, in the aftermath of shooting or other traumatic events. We call that man the "CCW Operator". He doesn't have a trained medic nearby. He must show the same self-reliance that got him through the initial incident.

This will be a very thorough introduction to how to evaluate and treat gunshot wounds, stab wounds and other traumatic injuries. We will do a great deal of technical work to ingrain the correct skills and then work them extensively via practical training, including force on force exercises. This is a non-live fire class, no live ammo on site! There has never before been training and information like this offered to the general public.

Sunday, July, 19, 2015  -  Sunday, July, 19, 2015

We spend a good deal of time in the vehicles we drive every day, yet very little (if any) time training how to fight in and around those vehicles. Vehicular crime is common and violent. Learn how to recognize, avoid, and if necessary defeat the attackers in a vehicle gunfight.

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