ARMADA recognizes that today's learners want relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized content so we created the SECURE Network. The SECURE NetworkA product of the ARMADA Training Academy is the gateway to the most complete security, tactical, and preparedness-focused curriculum on the web.

What’s in the name?

Great thought went into naming this online learning platform, and the acronym “SECURE” accurately reflects its purpose and its benefits:




niversal Tactics



Provide intelligent solutions to the complex issues facing security and protection professionals every day.

Ensure frontline law enforcement are appropriately trained in reasonable response, based on current case law.

Solutions for prisons, jails, courtrooms, prisoner transport, and legal counsel - from veteran professionals

Build situational awareness and operational confidence.

Increase your knowledge base in planning, training, and exercising the next generation of emergency preparedness professionals.

Protect your most valuable assets, students, faculty, and staff with proven prevention, mitigation, and response actions.


SECURE Network Benefits:

  • Learn at your own pace in a comfortable, safe environment
  • Reduce training time
  • Get Legal analysis
  • Continuing education credentials
  • Access to highly experienced, Veteran instructors

SECURE Network is Ideal For:

  • Local and State Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement Associations
  • Private Security (e.g., healthcare systems, private firms, etc.)
  • Corporate Security
  • Legal Entities (e.g., private law firms, prosecutors, city attorneys)

We will be offering two pricing options:

  1. Open EnrollmentIndividual user licenses; complete modules in any order; no tests for understanding.

  2. Private Enrollment: Licenses purchased and managed by an organization; courses completed in a defined order with check for understanding exams. 

SECURE Your Future!

Click below to pre-register for our inaugural course, Law Enforcement Response to Resistance (LE-RTR). The first 50 registrants will receive a discount code for 20% off!