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Most Protection Specialists understand that the cornerstone of an effective Executive Protection Program is the Security Assessment (AKA – The Advance).

The assignment, management and tracking of volunteers is an important component of real world events

The purpose of any exercise is to validate training, reveal planning strengths and weaknesses; uncover resource needs and shortfalls; improve coordination within your organization and community; clarify roles and responsibilities; and improve overall performance of all employees, managers, and the Crisis Management Team.

Training Courses

This course provides skills and training related to dynamic active threat response. The curriculum is geared towards individuals and law enforcement/military professionals that want to learn how to establish and implement a hasty plan to effectively respond to a variety of dynamic active threat scenarios. ARMADA’s shoot house will be converted to replicate a home, store, school, office building, etc. The instructor team developed a variety of scenarios for individuals and “hasty teams” of responders to respond to and test your abilities to effectively neutralize active threats. Years of basic range training won't give you the tools and insights that this day of tactical problem solving will. We use Simunitions® fired safely from real guns for the most realistic and adrenaline charged training experience possible.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Our going Beyond the Basics course addresses methods of and the techniques for carrying a concealed handgun. We’ll take a look at your life style and discuss the most appropriate carry method that will enable you to go about your daily routine in a confident, comfortable, and secure manner. The basic skill sets of safety, drawing, reloading, and movement will be covered along with unconventional positions and close contact engagements. All shooting done throughout the course will be from concealment. You have taken the first step toward your personal protection by getting a concealed carry permit; now take the second step by receiving the training that will allow you to be a responsible and prepared citizen.

This course provides the training necessary for individuals to apply for a State of Ohio Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit.

Liberty Township is hosting an Active Aggressor training for First Responders. This course will cover the following topics: Defining Active Aggressor Incidents, Intro to Rescue Task Force, Intro to Delaware County Fire Chiefs' Active Aggressor SOP, Intro to TECC Protocol, Tourniquet Application/Bleeding Control, and much more.

This course is designed for business owners, members of leadership from businesses/schools/universities, human resource staff, legal counsel representatives, safety personnel as well as security professionals. This course provides attendees an overview of everyday safety, security and preparedness practices to consider while at the workplace.

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Are politicians becoming targets?

ARMADA was recently quoted as a a security subject matter expert in Dayton Daily News


Hacking blamed for emergency sirens blaring across Dallas early Saturday | Dallas | Dallas News

A growing trend we are seeing is the attack of local emergency management agencies that are exploiting the systems that we are relying on to keep us safe. This story out of Dallas, Texas is another example. We continue to deal with clients that are concerned with information assurance. As a benefit to all, here are the 5 pillars of information assurance as described by US-CERT:

Confidentiality - A property that information is not disclosed to users, process, or devices unless they have been authorized to access the information.

Integrity - The property whereby information, an information system, or a component of a system has not been modified or destroyed in an unauthorized manner.

Availability - The property of being accessible and usable upon demand. 

Non-repudiation - A property achieved through cryptographic methods to protect against an individual or entity falsely denying having performed a particular action related to data.

Authentication - The process of verifying the identity or other attributes of an entity (user, process, or device).



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Having not exercised our security plan for many years, there was great hesitation from our organization as we started this process. I can tell you that the professional service that we received from Armada, in particular from Lee Foster was the success of our mission. 

Mr.Foster was able to custom tailor a scenario that challenged our organization without disrupting our day to day operations, and provided us with solid feedback to improve upon as we look ahead. 

We will certainly use Armada again in the future, and I would highly recommend any initiative that Lee Foster is involved in.

Mike Weil, Director of Security