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Most Protection Specialists understand that the cornerstone of an effective Executive Protection Program is the Security Assessment (AKA – The Advance).

The purpose of any exercise is to validate training, reveal planning strengths and weaknesses; uncover resource needs and shortfalls; improve coordination within your organization and community; clarify roles and responsibilities; and improve overall performance of all employees, managers, and the Crisis Management Team.

The assignment, management and tracking of volunteers is an important component of real world events

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

We spend a good deal of time in the vehicles we drive every day, yet very little (if any) time training how to fight in and around those vehicles. Vehicular crime is common and violent. Learn how to recognize, avoid, and if necessary defeat the attackers in a vehicle gunfight.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

This class will pick up where Level I CQB left off. We will be focusing on the tactics, movement, and communication that two people would use to negotiate through architectural obstacles found in a building. We will cover searching/clearing along with direct action against an active shooter or home invader utilizing dry and live fire shoot house scenarios. This course is geared toward the law enforcement/military professional and lawfully armed individual wanting to develop or build on their team tactics and communication in the CQB environment.

Upcoming Events

State of Connecticut Receives EMAP Accreditation

Last week at the Spring EMAP commission meetings, ARMADA's client, the State of Connecticut, was granted full accreditation by the EMAP Commission. 

ARMADA wins Full Scale Exercise Project

ARMADA was recently awarded a contract to conduct a multi-jurisdictional severe weather and cyber security Full Scale Exercise


Cincinnati Metro

Having not exercised our security plan for many years, there was great hesitation from our organization as we started this process. I can tell you that the professional service that we received from Armada, in particular from Lee Foster was the success of our mission. 

Mr.Foster was able to custom tailor a scenario that challenged our organization without disrupting our day to day operations, and provided us with solid feedback to improve upon as we look ahead. 

We will certainly use Armada again in the future, and I would highly recommend any initiative that Lee Foster is involved in.

Mike Weil, Director of Security