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Welcome to the ARMADA Training Academy (ATA) where you will find a robust, comprehensive collection of training programs offered virtually and in-person to meet the unique needs of our clients.  

As a leading provider of physical security and preparedness solutions for more than 15 years, we serve diverse clients around the world including commercial and private sectors, Federal, State and Local government organizations, and law enforcement organizations.

Our Training Academy's courses are unlike most industry training classes, which primarily focus on immediate threat. ARMADA’s reality-based methods, are wide-ranging and include prevention, mitigation, preparedness, protection, response and recovery.

Our three training program delivery mechanisms include:

SECURE Network

We are excited to introduce our newest online learning platform, SECURE Network. This platform is designed for everyone from an individual to large organizations, ATA’s SECURE Network provides our clients with engaging, useful, and long-lasting security awareness, preparedness and protection skills. Learn more.>>

in-person training

The ARMADA Training Academy's in-person classes presented in both lecture and hands-on format, which we believe is the most effective method of teaching. Following the steps of explaining, demonstrating, practicing and then applying the concept in real-life scenarios helps ensure the students are not just fed information (which they can easily forget), but allows them to begin building muscle memory and reflective responses. We can customize training courses to meet your specific industry's needs. Learn more.>>

contract-based training

ARMADA provides a variety of flexible training courses that are designed to meet the unique needs of our government contract clients, keeping them current and compliant. Our courses are designed to bolster the survivability of government personnel and enforce a significantly higher rate of situational awareness among the work force. Our training programs are a combination of computer-based training, classroom instruction, and combat simulation scenarios. Learn more.>>

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