Real Time Reporting When Emergency Strikes

ARMADA’s emergency operations center and watch officers assist with monitoring the status of various local, state and national systems. We report incidents, accidents or threats and evaluate the potential impacts these events may have on your communities, transportation, and infrastructure that could lead to critical events and emergency.

As part of our provided support we oversee the preparation and distribution of critical reports and alerts, and as events occur, we provide briefings that summarize the significant issues that arose. Our EOC watch officers ensure all client Requests for Assistance are rapidly and effectively acted upon and coordinated with Operating Administrations and partner Departments and Agencies for consistency and consensus.

ARMADA’s EOC watch officers know operation center policies, protocols and procedures governing EOC’s, watch officers’ responsibilities and meet the requirements found with the newly released National Qualification System. We understand techniques used in collecting, analyzing, prioritizing and summarizing open source and classified information and have general knowledge of National Incident Management System (NIMS) procedures, especially Incident Command System (ICS) command and general staff functions and emergency response roles.

As part of ARMADA’s EOC watch officer solution set, we provide you with access to our Rapid Response Regiment (R3). If your organization is not in a position to employ dedicated staff to support immediate response, coordination and management efforts following an all hazards incident, consider ARMADA R3. ARMADA’s R3 will mobilize within a mutually established period of time and be available (onsite or remote) to support response and recovery operations. A sample of ARMADA’s R3 personnel skills include:

  • EOC Management
  • Liaison Officers
  • Public Information Officers
  • Logisticians
  • Planners
  • Operation Chiefs
  • Reunification Officers
  • Security Officers