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Federal agencies provide critical services to Americans throughout the nation and overseas. Whether their mission is national defense, environmental protection, human services, or any of the dozens of other mission areas that federal agencies are assigned, all federal agencies share a requirement to protect their own employees, information, and facilities from theft, sabotage, espionage, and physical destruction.

Personnel security, information security, and facility security are specialized, highly complex fields that require significant experience, training and expertise, which few federal agencies possess. ARMADA has the trained people, specialized knowledge and years of experience to help. That’s why more than a dozen  federal agencies have contracted with ARMADA to manage or support their agency security programs, including the Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and others. 

ARMADA can provide any level of security or preparedness support an agency may require, from designing, implementing and managing a comprehensive agency-wide security program to providing trained security specialists or experienced investigators to assist agency staff with short-term taskings. Whatever our role, we work closely with agency staff to ensure that our work meets all agency requirements. By providing critical support, we allow our agency partners to concentrate on their primary mission, secure in the knowledge that their security program is fully compliant and highly effective.

Through years of experience we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the security environment federal agencies face, including the threats, best practices for combating those threats, and the full range of federal security regulations and requirements. We also are registered with the GSAcontract vehicle and the Navy’s Sea-Port electronic platform to reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency.

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