Not for Profit / NGO

Just like private companies, educational institutions, and government agencies, not-for-profit organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) face a wide variety of threats.

Managers of non-profits and NGO’s must ensure that their organizations are prepared to respond to, and recover from, natural disasters, workplace violence, cyber-attacks, crime, and terrorist violence. Such incidents threaten the safety of clients and staff, and the health and viability of the organization itself.

ARMADA’s highly experienced security professionals understand the threat environment that non-profits and NGO’s operate in as well as the special characteristics of volunteer-based, faith-based, or humanitarian-focused organizations.

Non-profits and NGO’s are adept at their missions, but do not always have the knowledge or experience to develop successful preparedness and security programs. Our professionals can fill that gap as we work closely with organization staff to develop effective solutions tailored specifically to each client organization’s requirements. We’re ready to provide what your organization needs, including conducting risk and vulnerability assessments, evaluating existing security measures, updating and exercising emergency preparedness plans, developing continuity of operations plans, creating enhanced crisis communications plans and social media strategies, and training organization staff on violence prevention, security, threat assessment, and emergency planning.

Whatever your organization’s mission is, our mission is the help you succeed.

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