gathering intelligence to conduct analysis

Intelligence analysis is the process of collecting and generating intelligence about a variety of circumstances and individuals from multiple data and information sources. Although the security industry relies on intelligence analysis as a form of collecting information, there are many organizations who use intelligence analysts to gather and produce information.

ARMADA can partner with your agency or organization to support effective intelligence analysis. Our subject matter experts are experienced in all-source analysis, single discipline analysis including GEOINT, and technical processing as a form of analysis.

Accurate intelligence analysis is vital and requires a process to ensure the validity of the data produced. The majority of intelligence analysis is successfully collected through an intelligence process outlined below.

  • Requirements: Define questions to identify what information should be gathered. When the requirements are established, the process of collecting a variety of information takes place.
  • Processing and Exploitation: After the collection step is completed, the information must go through processing and exploitation to be considered intelligence information. Conversion is an important part of this step and can include translations, decryption, and interpretation.
  • Analysis and Production: The evaluation, integration, and analysis of all of the intelligence data.
  • Dissemination and Consumption: Transferring information from producers to consumers, who proceed to interpret the information.
  • Feedback: Dialog between intelligence producers and consumers, which begins and continues after the information is received. This allows the intelligence analyst to explain how the intelligence requirements were met and affords the analyst the opportunity to adjust.

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