trained professionals ready to respond

We recognize that in many cases our specialized security services staff serve as your customer’s first impressions of your organization. Our disciplined, committed and skilled personnel convey professionalism through their dress, posture, attentiveness, responsiveness, proper greeting, and ability to accurately respond to inquiries and questions.

Responsiveness includes being able to quickly and accurately accomplish security processing for visitors and your own personnel, as well as the ability to respond to alarms and emergency situations.

Our specialized security services staff are trained in building alarm responses, aiding fire crews, bomb threats, and anti-terrorism/force protection responses. Well-defined, documented processes are the foundation for responding quickly and effectively. We conduct a security process review in coordination during phase-in, and then conducted a similar review at least annually to ensure the procedures are accurate and up-to-date. 


In direct support of SCIF security and special events, our specialized security services staff are trained to complete hand-carried item inspections of inbound and outbound personnel for items such as cell phones, data storage devices, cameras, etc. in accordance with local policies and procedures. 


Our specialized security services staff provide support services at various domestic government facilities to control and detect unauthorized access to controlled areas. We monitor the activities of construction workers via CCTV and other intrusion detection systems to prevent the implantation of clandestine surveillance devices or systems into the structure being constructed or its surroundings. Our specialized security services staff are trained to serve as escorts for visitors and construction personnel as necessary.