Stadiums, Convention Centers, Malls

Locations or facilities where large numbers of people gather are extremely vulnerable to a range of hazards including destructive weather, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, active shooters, contamination of food and water, building collapses and fan violence. These events can result in large numbers of deaths and injuries, cancellation of future events, loss of confidence in facility management, civil liability and economic disruption to the surrounding community.

Facility managers must devise and implement effective plans for protecting their customers, staff, and facility against these various threats. Plans must be comprehensive and address all hazards, yet be simple enough to be followed quickly by customers and part time staff who have not had the opportunity to train.

ARMADA's experienced security and preparedness experts will work with facility managers to identify the threats they face, their facility's vulnerabilities, measures to reduce risk, review existing security measures, develop new or improved security processes and contingency plans, train staff to implement those plans and conduct exercises to assess the effectiveness of the plans and training. 

Our staff understands the complexities of access control, perimeter security, customer searches, threat assessment, evacuation planning, controlling vendor and vehicle access, safe storage of hazardous materials and incident management. While we are fully versed in the latest security best practices, our protection and preparedness solutions will be individually designed to meet the specific needs of each client. 

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