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Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) was implemented to ensure a government-wide standard for the issuance of secure and reliable identification by the federal government. Prior to HSPD-12, there were wide variations in the quality and security of identification used to gain access to secure facilities. The implementation of HSPD-12 enhances security, increases efficiency, reduces identity fraud, and protects personal information and privacy.

Specifically, HSPD-12 ensures that Common Access Cards (CACs) are a trusted credential for use across the federal government. This is accomplished by only issuing CACsto those whose identity can be verified and who do not pose an unacceptable risk to the life, safety, or health of employees, contractors, vendors, or visitors. It also limits CAC distribution to people who do not post a threat to your agency’s physical assets/information systems, personal property, records or the privacy of data subjects. The issuance of a CAC is based on four main criteria:

1. Eligibility

2.Verification of affiliation with the federal agency

3.Completion of background vetting requirements

4.Verification of claimed identity.

HSPD-12 adjudications determine who may be issued credentials for access to DoD controlled facilities or information systems. Those issued credentials must not be known or suspected terrorists nor provide an avenue for terrorism, and they must not pose an unacceptable risk to the life, safety, or health of employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors.

ARMADA’s HSPD-12 experts and specialists help you by:

  • Conducting sponsorship duties such as corrections of information in the Client database and coordinating actions with the Client Help Desk.
  • Performing inquiries within the applicable systems and databases such as JSTARS, PIPS, DICAM, and other client systems to determine the status of applicant’s PIV cards.
  • Conducting Sub-Agency Transfer Requests.
  • Conducting and assisting with PIV card enrollments, activations, and updates for customers. 
  • Conducting employment termination actions in the Client’s systems related to PIV cards for individuals who are no longer employed.
  • Conducting card life cycle management actions including reprints (defective / damaged PIV cards), reissues (name changes, lost/stolen, expired certificates), and card renewals.
  • Recommending role assignments after verifying training requirements have been met. 
  • Coordinating waivers and background investigation adjudications.

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