Higher Education

Universities and colleges face the same hazards that any small community faces, but with the added challenges of a constantly changing population and an overarching requirement to maintain an open, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

Significant threats includedestructive weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes,  fires, cyber-attacks, active shooters, workplace violence, and terrorist attacks. Protection and preparedness planning are complicated by the large number of residents, the geographic span of multiple campuses, the many laboratories or research facilities with expensive equipment and hazardous materials, performing arts and sports venues, food service operations and campus transportation systems.

ARMADA’s security and preparedness professionals have worked with educational institution staffs to identify hazards and vulnerabilities, assess risk, craft a security strategy, develop contingency plans, train staff and evaluate the effectiveness of the plans and training. Each security solution we provide is designed specifically for the client institution, addressing its specific hazards, vulnerabilities and capabilities.

ARMADA helps educators by taking on the burden of developing highly-effective security and emergency preparedness programs so that they can do their job effectively.

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