How Does Your Organization Plan for the Unknown

You may be operating without problems today; however, some events that could bring your operation to a halt are beyond your control. The emergency operations and management planning process and subsequent plans developed may be the determining factors in how quickly you are able to resume normal operations after a crisis or major event. Well thought out and documented plans ensure you that your students, employees, stakeholders, and community members are safe.


Be prepared for the unexpected 

 ARMADA is your partner when it comes to establishing emergency management plans, crisis management procedures, continuity of operations plans, and disaster recovery strategies. We help your organization in all aspects of an emergency planning process, including training, exercises and helping you identify which individuals should participate in the process.

At ARMADA, we feel the planning process is equally as important as the development of the plan. Utilizing industry best practices such as CPG 101’s six step planning process and the Emergency Management Standard from the Emergency Management Accreditation Program, ARMADA’s team of subject matter experts are here to help guide your organization to developing best in class plans. Take a look below to see what plans we can develop for you.

  • Emergency Operations Plan
  • Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan
  • Job Aids/Checklists
  • Continuity of Operations/Business Continuity
  • Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • Recovery Planning
  • Public Information (ESF – 15)