State & Local Governments

State and Local Governments provide an enormous range of services, from public safety to housing assistance to public health and beyond. As the levels of government closest to the people, they also have critical roles in the nation’s emergency management framework.

As a provider of world-class mitigation, prevention, preparedness, protection, response, and recovery solutions, we assist state and local governments with emergency management and security projects. We understand the full range of hazards that threaten local governments, from terrorist attacks, to destructive weather, to ransomware attacks and more.

Our preparedness staff includes former emergency management senior executives and directors from county, state and federal agencies as well as Master Exercise Practitioners (MEPs). Their professional experience coupled with our corporate experience working with dozens of state and local agencies across the United States has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of local government, the challenges it faces and proven programs and processes that can meet those challenges. We have successfully assisted state and local communities with a wide range of preparedness projects, including emergency planning, training and exercise support, emergency management accreditation, continuity of operations, and strategic planning.

While state and local governments face an ever-expanding array of threats, their resources are not growing. We can provide high-quality, cost-effective assistance to governments as they work to protect their communities.

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