Ensuring security from the ground up

The ARMADA team consists of industry leaders in design, development, and overall security project management. Our staff has successfully overseen the development and construction of multi-million-dollar security projects including manufacturing plants, distribution sites, training facilities, office buildings, and military installations. Take a look at our System Design and Project Management services for more details. 

ARMADA's physical security specialists and engineers support large federal agencies with the following: 

  • Maintain SCIF binders in accordance with applicable regulations and policy. 
  • Prepare for inspections regarding physical security by maintaining records of meetings, inspections, events, and activities completed to meet the physical security standards per regulation and policy. 
  • Perform Organization Inspection Program (OIP) inspections pertaining to physical security, complete and maintain inspection records and memorandum per regulation. 
  • Recommend updates to existing policies in writing for consideration by the Government. Update Emergency Action Plans and SCIFs standard operating procedures (SOPs) to meet emerging threats and regulatory changes every 6 months.
  • Apply industry best practices and government directed security standards during building design, upgrade and / or renovation phases to new, upgraded, or renovated Client spaces. 
  • Integrate physical, technical, and system security requirements, including Hirsch Access Control, biometric devices, intrusion detection systems (IDS), closed circuit video (CCV), ballistic protection, and duress systems.
  • Coordinate the installation of the systems with the client, partners, door hardware vendors and the security integrators. 
  • Conduct physical security surveys and inspections to determine if designated areas meet accepted standards for the safeguarding of life, property, assets, and classified information. 
  • Generation of cost estimates and / or Statements of Work.
  • Assist in review of alteration, expansion, and new construction documentation to identify security related items that require revision or further clarification to meet applicable standards. 
  • Take part in special projects and studies affecting the overall security of Client facilities and property.
  • Participate in cross-training and assist with the training of new personnel, as directed.